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New spam book https://foru44.chatango.com/

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New cp files 2020.
fathers.mothers.daughters.the boys.
new group sex with daughters.
rape. piss.
5-13 years.

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¨ No.1998
>It has many hot pictures!

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(original) Kor chan


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New cp files 2020.
fathers.mothers.daughters.the boys.
new group sex with daughters.
rape. piss.
5-13 years.

New cp files 2020.
fathers.mothers.daughters.the boys.
new group sex with daughters.
rape. piss.
5-13 years.
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No.1992  [Reply]
Save this encrypted message.


Maybe, I will give you the key to decrypt it.

Mystery ;) Remember !


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New cp files 2020.
fathers.mothers.daughters.the boys.
new group sex with daughters.
rape. piss.
5-13 years.

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This guy predicted the fucking future!!

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If you have more of this humorous stuff, please post it.
¨ No.1621
At last, his wife was raped and killed.
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He must have schizophrenia.
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crazy girl
¨ No.1990
Neighbors raped his wife.

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list of chans
¨ No.1853
crayon Shin-chan
¨ No.1857
¨ No.1858
¨ No.1988
English chans

No.1987  [Reply]
‘불법촬영’ 퇴학 행시 합격생 “우연히 찍힌 것” 진술 인정 이유


“분임원들의 사진을 찍어 공유하려 했다. 뒤쪽에 있던 피해자는 우연히 찍힌 것이다.”

2018년도 행정고시에 합격한 A씨는 연수 도중 다른 여자 교육생을 불법 촬영했다는 이유로 윤리위원회에 회부됐다. 그는 피해자가 사진 배경에 나온 것을 뒤늦게 알았다며 불법 촬영의 의도가 없었다고 항변했다.

진상조사를 한 국가공무원 인재개발원은 지난해 5월 “피해자 뒷모습을 허락 없이 촬영했다. 교육생의 품위를 크게 손상시키는 행위에 해당한다”며 퇴학 처분을 내렸다. 5급 사무관이 될 수 있었던 A씨가 ‘몰카범’으로 전락하는 것으로 사건은 마무리되는 듯 했다.

그런데 인재고발원 측이 A씨를 성폭력처벌법 위반(카메라등이용촬영) 혐의로 고발한 사건이 지난해 11월 증거불충분으로 무혐의 처분 됐다. A씨 주장처럼 범죄의 고의가 인정되지 않는다는 이유였다. 인재개발원 측은 검찰의 불기소 처분에 항고했지만 기각됐다. 그러자 A씨는 인재개발원을 상대로 “퇴학처분의 무효를 확인한다”는 소송을 제기했다.

재판에서는 A씨가 촬영한 두 장의 사진 속 피해자의 위치를 놓고 공방이 오갔다. 처음 찍힌 사진에는 허리를 굽힌 피해자의 허벅지 뒷부분 일부가 노출된 사진이 찍혔다. 3초 후에 찍힌 두 번째 사진은 피해자가 서 있는 뒷모습이 나와 있었다. 두 사진 모두 상단은 피해자가 속한 분임조가, 하단은 A씨가 속한 분임조가 찍혔다.

No.1985  [Reply]
Reasons for acknowledging the statement “It was taken by chance” upon expulsion from ‘illegal shooting’ (South Korea)


“I tried to take pictures of the executives and share them. The victim in the back was taken by chance.”

Mr. A, who passed the 2018 administrative examination, was referred to the Ethics Committee for illegally photographing other female trainees during training. He pleaded that there was no intention of illegal filming, saying that he belatedly learned that the victim was in the background of the photo.

In May of last year, the National Civil Service Human Resources Development Institute, which conducted a fact-finding investigation, said, “I photographed the back of the victim without permission. It is an act that greatly impairs the dignity of the trainees.” The case seemed to end with Mr. A, who was able to become a fifth-level secretary, turned into a “hidden criminal”.

However, in November last year, the case in which the personnel accuser accused Mr. A of violating the sexual violence punishment law (shooting using cameras, etc.) was dismissed from charges of insufficient evidence. It was the reason that the intention of the crime was not recognized as Mr. A claimed. The Talent Development Institute appealed to the prosecution against the prosecution's disposition, but was dismissed. Then, Mr. A filed a lawsuit against the Human Resources Development Institute stating "confirming the invalidity of expulsion."

At the trial, the studio went back and forth over the location of the victim in the two photos taken by Mr. A. In the first picture taken, a picture of the back of the victim's bent thigh was exposed. The second picture, taken three seconds later, showed the back of the victim standing. In both pictures, the group that the victim belongs to at the top and the group that Mr. A belongs to were taken at the bottom.
¨ No.1986
Taking a picture of a female's thigh or hip is illegal in South Korea.

No.815  [Reply]
Secret Blood

¨ No.852
to share child porn
¨ No.1615
¨ No.1625

WHATSAPP: +14192856899
¨ No.1845
It contains jailbaits!
¨ No.1984
I love CP.

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홍도 운영자 잡혔냐? 며칠 전까지 되던데
¨ No.1944
¨ No.1956
한국인들 일루와
¨ No.1982
남성가족부도 막힌것 같습니다만
¨ No.1983

No.1981  [Reply]
남성가족부 없어짐?

No.1980  [Reply]
岩路真樹 (いわじ まさき)

Masaki Iwaji

1965 - 2014.08.30

49 years old

Masaki Iwaji was a reporter and director belonging to TV Asahi, the only TV reporter who dealt face-to-face with the corruption and exposure of the Fukushima nuclear power plant. On August 30, 2014, he died in doubt. There is a high possibility that the horse was killed due to the circumstances of the questionable death.

According to the police announcement, "He taped the room door outside and smoked coal inside on a steamy summer day." After taking sleeping pills, he was found dead from carbon monoxide poisoning.

I don't understand the fact that the door was closed with a sleeping pill prepared, and that the door was closed on a steamy summer day and smoked coal. Is that there is no. Even what I said directly to the people around me was, "If I die and are reported to be suicide, that is a lie." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLLOt9w-MeU When the announcement went out, people around him questioned his death, asking if it was a murder disguised as suicide, but without a proper investigation, the police hurriedly announced that it was suicide. Closed the case. It is likely to be related to the Yakuza.

No.1976  [Reply]
Japanese chans


¨ No.1977
¨ No.1978
¨ No.1979
中国人留学生 - 自由掲示板 - Free BBS



No.1838  [Reply]
You're Watching The Disney Chan.

¨ No.1975
child porn

No.1974  [Reply]
LSD 240ug 판다능

5탭 40
10탭 60
50탭 280
100탭 450

400탭까지 도매도 가능하다능

텔레 @sexhanda

No.1973  [Reply]
New cp files 2020.
fathers.mothers.daughters.the boys.
new group sex with daughters.
rape. piss.
5-13 years.

No.1972  [Reply]
n번방은 여기있는 어떤 너무나 친절하시고 멋지시고 우람한 자지를 가지신 분덕분에 구했는데 박사방은 어디 구할데 없나? 아는사람 있으면 리코챗좀 보내게 댓좀

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